I've been in this business for almost 12 years now. That means a few things. I'm a little unsure of where all the time has gone. I'm super proud of what I've accomplished in the past 5 years building Blade. And lastly and perhaps most importantly I've had the chance to meet some pretty amazing people within my own industry.

Owning your business poses some challenges every now and then and I've talked about them before. However when you quite literally fall to the ground with back spasms the morning of a huge job your business and everything you must do flashes before your eyes.

When the dizziness settles you realize, it's ok, I've got this. I've got some kick ass people in my corner. Talented designers who can pick up where you fall short, interpreting your design when you can't. They may have their own personal style, own point of view but this day they bring yours to life.

These peeps know who they are and I can't thank them enough for bringing it all to life on a day that I could not.

When I say they had my back, I mean it.

Much love to my crew.

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